Impossible Objectives For Fedora Core 7

2007-01-05 13:21:37

A message by Bill Nottingham on fedora-devel-list lists readjusts the FC7 General Availability from April 24 to April 26, and summarizes from the Features page «28 features that we’d like to include in the release»:

Quite ambitious, eh?

I personally find the proposed objectives too ambitious, and most likely impossible to achieve in the remaining time span!

From the messages that followed...

Robert Scheck opines that «For Fedora 7 we absolutely should fix the bugs #132925, #152435, #192854, #220265, #193475, #206697, #212780 as they’re longer open but unfortunately silent moved from one Fedora release to another and most of them are tagged EasyFix, too.»

Yep. Instead of polishing the fixable bugs, "they" target "major objectives", duh...

It seems impossible to "Speed up Yum and RPM" till April ("the new magic RPM").

Chris Adams believes he can solve a mystery: no more "Fedora Core 7" and ".fc7". «The next release could be called "Fedora Linux 7" and use "fl7" for short.»

Matej Cepl is skeptical too: «I am afraid 49 unclosed EasyFixes is still 49 too many.»

The LiveCDs will be installable. (It’s here.)

"Fedora Desktop" means "Fedora Gnome desktop".

An interesting thing is that it might exist an 8GB DVD image with everything in it... «But probably the official Fedora mirrors don’t want to carry it.» It’s entirely possible such a thing would be Bittorrent-only. 8 GB via torrents?! Jesse Keating doubts that there would be people interested in downloading 8 GB.

Nevertheless, we need a everything DVD "Fedora 7 Complete", especially since Chris Adams notes that «lots of users (and potential users) don’t have high speed or even reliable Internet access; they need everything they install to be on physical media.»

I’ll end my selection of opinions with some suggestions for the wireless and firewall rules.