It was about time to revive this blog. From scratch and less “bloggy” than before. On a planet subdued by Facebook and by sites like Medium, ranting almost daily is not a lucrative business—unless you’re actively trying to monetize your blog.

By the way, it’s now, although is going to work too for at least one year.

I have actually decided to write a book as ePub and Mobi. Instead of wasting my time with scattered diatribes on various topics, it’s much better to structure past, present and future ideas on “how broken this planet is” in a limited number of chapters that would hold a reasonable number of topics, thoroughly but as succinctly as possible explained.

The project is still a bit ambiguous, despite some obvious ratiocination from my part. It goes without saying that it must be in English–which is not my mother tongue, but it’s the nowadays lingua franca–and without the polemical and sometimes offensive language than a blog can include. I opted for the AmEn spelling and punctuation, which includes e.g. the lack of spaces before and after em-dashes–like so–and the illogical inclusion of the comma and of the final dot inside the “quotes.”

I can only hope I’ll be able to find the motivation to complete it. So far, and despite the support of some good apps, collecting and organizing the bits of information is tedious enough to discourage anyone but Lieutenant Commander Data; and I’m still not sure why I’m doing it. It’s not like I’m such a famous person that people would rush into getting my e-book. (I suppose a printed on-demand edition could also be arranged for, but I guess either of and CreateSpace imply some initial costs.)

At the same time, I’d like to restore in some form the list of Android apps I’d rather recommend. The best thing to do it is to split them in several blog posts–each one covering a single app category–then listing all these posts in a page. This would take some time though, as I’ll have to reassess my opinion on a number of apps, and also to decide what apps are worth being recommended.

Oh, I also wanted to develop a couple of Android apps, but this laptop doesn’t help me much, and neither does my Alzheimer’s (just kidding). Maybe this will come too.

Actually, everything is going to take time…