Please excuse the thumbnail for this post. I just couldn’t use anything else, in the light of having read SJVN’s latest article in The Reg.

I also cannot quote from the said article; it’s so short that only reproducing the most relevant parts of it would constitute a blatant copyright infringement. You should read it at the source:

My only gripe is his use of Rocky Linux; he should be using AlmaLinux, FFS.

He’s also not saying whether he’s using Nextcloud as a local NAS or as a cloud backup solution. As a home user with no kids, I’m totally against any complications introduced by a NAS. I’d rather recommend a 12 TB WD_BLACK D10 Game Drive for Xbox (why do they feel the need to write “for Xbox” instead of “high-speed”?). For backups, I couldn’t care less about the cloud, so I recommend the 3-2-1 Rule (3 copies of data, on 2 different media, with 1 copy being off-site). A dozen HDDs and a number of SSDs should do.

As for which Linux distro one should use, it very much depends on how demanding they are. I’m extremely demanding, and I’m not even using Nvidia, nor am I a gamer. Still, most people should be able to settle for less, and by this I mean that their needs (or their brains) should find satisfaction in one of the mainstream distros.

For most people, though … have fun with your Windows 11!

Oh, a last note. About the data-stealing vulnerability in Windows for Workgroups’ OLE feature that SJVN mentions: that was mostly because of the lack of true multi-user support in Windows 3.1, on which Windows for Workgroups was based. I lived those times, and I really enjoyed Win3.1 and WfW3.11, but those were operating systems “for honest people” 🙂

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