This is not the first time I promise myself to stop writing about politics and whatever I believe to be completely wrong in the society. This time, I hope, I’ll be able to keep my promises. Explanations.

The Apocalypse isn’t here yet…

…but much harder times are approaching. This happened before more than once. After all, before each of the two world wars of the previous century, the world was sitting on a powder keg, yet almost everyone was happily going on with their lives. Furthermore, there was an extremely rich artistic and cultural life; moreover, the technical innovations and the scientific advancements were abundant.

But right now we’re sitting on inexhaustible resources of stupidity. We’re so fucking stupid as a society, as a species, as a global community, that I’d rather wish I wasn’t born.

Literally, 98% of the people are unbelievably stupid. Broken robots. Then, 1% are trying to screw everything, be they billionaires, retarded CEOs, or politicians. The remaining 1% are trying not to commit suicide.

Ignored challenge number one: Putler

We allowed this scumbag to live in complete impunity after the annexation of Crimea. Germany even signed for the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project: business as usual. The unbelievably stupid “Wandel durch Handel” political philosophy started in the early 1970, when Western Germany supplied the Soviet Union, for a new pipeline from the USSR to Europe, with the actual pipeline made in Germany with Swedish iron. Willy Brandt even received the 1971 Nobel Peace Prize for “his work in improving relations with East Germany, Poland, and the Soviet Union.” Yeah, sure, we’re still paying the price. Much later, Gerhard fucking Schröder managed to become the most criminal traitor of the free world, a puppet of Putin. Even as I write this, the sanctions aren’t working. China and the Third World have replaced the West as Russia’s trading partners. We allowed Russia to become much worse than the USSR was after the death of Stalin!

Actually, not “we”: them!

The war in Ukraine isn’t going well. NATO ignored the preexisting intel on the imminent Russian invasion. Had it reacted preemptively, i.e. by installing a number of bases in Ukraine, not important in size (not so many “boots on the ground”), but in placement, the following scenario would have been possible: any military attack by Russian forces would have jeopardized the US military, which would have warranted a massive air force response by NATO (mostly by the US). And no, Putler would not have pressed the red button: if anything, Ruzzia would have attacked US interests outside Russia, which would have been a legitimate reason for a full Western attack, mostly by air (to minimize the losses) on Ruzzian forces outside Ruzzia and not in the international waters, but in Ukraine, a sovereign state. Now it’s too late. We’ll see what gets, but we have been caught with our pants down. Putler won’t stop the war unless and until the Eastern half of Ukraine, including Kyiv, is occupied by Ruzzia, and the current government is deposed: are we going to accept this?

I bet “we” will.

Ignored challenge number 2: Gaza

As I wrote more than once in what I posted about the current conflict in Gaza, in this war the justice is not with the government of Israel. The massacre of 1,200 Jews does not justify the killing of 29,000 killings in Gaza, and the humanitarian situation is literally close to a genocide. UN agencies (UNICEF, WHO) warn of an upcoming explosion in Gaza child deaths, as at least 90 percent of children under five in Gaza are affected by one or more infectious diseases, 70% having had diarrhoea, not counting the malnutrition.

The US is still opposing a ceasefire, despite Biden’s lip service of “condemning” the excesses of Israel in Gaza. As early as on Nov. 17, the EU foreign policy chief, Josep Borrell, said: “A horror doesn’t justify another horror. The best friends of Israel are the ones who ask them not to be driven by rage.” He expressed a lot of pro-Palestinian opinions since then, constantly asking for a ceasefire. Is Josep Borrell supporting the Hamas and terrorism when having a discourse that completely different from what the US and Germany are saying?

Germany is in a state of cerebral death. After the Holocaust, their “Nie wieder” policy means “unconditional support for Israel, because Israel will always be a victim, even if they’ll launch a nuclear attack against whoever they wish.” In simpler words: “The Nazis killed 6 million Jews, so now we want to make sure that Israel has the right to kill all 5.3 million Palestinian Arabs in Gaza and the West Bank.”

There are European and American Jews who oppose Israel’s war with Hamas, the way it’s done in Gaza. They’re countless, I won’t give names. Everybody is ignoring them. In Britain, “one-third of the public believes Israel treats the Palestinians like the Nazis treated the Jews, including over half of 18- to 24-year-olds surveyed.” No, this is not antisemitism! It’s common sense, reason, judgment.

As part of his return, Jon Stewart mocked Joe Biden’s remarks that Israel’s response to the 7 October attacks by Hamas is “over the top”. “The response in Gaza has been over the top? I like how Biden described Israel’s incessant bombing of civilians the same way my mother talks about the Superbowl halftime show,” Stewart said. Kudos to Jon, as despite being a Jew, he also knows what war is, and he has the heart in the right place. And shame to Blinken!

OK, take this. On CNN. With Christiane Amanpour. Not on Al-Jazeera. Israeli soldier records himself blowing up a mosque. Israel is doing in Gaza what Ruzzia is doing in Ukraine. When will “the power that be” admit that?

As, for instance, Yanis Varoufakis recently said, the genocide in Israel started in 1948. And, as everyone knows (not just Josep Borrell), Netanyahu’s previous governments have supported Hamas in order to weaken the Palestinian Authority (Fatah, previously PLO). Bibi Netanyahu is a war criminal, full stop. (Military experts agree: a large-scale ground offensive in Rafah is of no strategic interest, and Netanyahu’s only goal is to make the Palestinian enclave uninhabitable.)

And let’s not forget the illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank. A couple of days ago, the US called on the International Court of Justice not to issue a ruling calling for a unilateral Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank and East Jerusalem. This means that Biden’s executive order to impose sanctions against four Israeli settlers in the West Bank was a scam! The order itself does not include names; at face value, ALL illegal settlers should be affected. However, it’s for the Department of State to establish the names of the concerned individuals and to add them to the OFAC’s (Office of Foreign Assets Control) SDN (Specially Designated Nationals And Blocked Persons) list. So far, there are four such individuals, and they were duly added to the SDN. But this is pointless, if the US still supports Israel’s policies! Why isn’t Netanyahu on the SDN? Why isn’t Bezalel Smotrich? Even Itamar Ben-Gvir should be on the list.

Ireland’s Attorney General Rossa Fanning was in front of the ICJ in The Hague on Feb. 21, outlining Ireland’s position on Israel’s occupation of Palestinian lands, the annexation of territories and the treatment of Palestinians.

President Biden, on Feb. 23: “The overwhelming majority of Palestinians are not Hamas.” Israel’s Minister for Diaspora Affairs and Combatting Antisemitism, Amichai Chikli replied: “The overwhelming majority of Palestinians express strong support for Hamas. In fact, a survey conducted by the Palestinian research institute AWRAD revealed that 84% of respondents in the West Bank strongly endorsed the massacre and atrocities of Oct. 7.” Same guy: “92% of Jewish Israelis Reject A Palestinian State.” There is no chance of peace in Israel. None whatsoever.

But we’ll probably have to witness hundreds of thousands of dead Palestinians in Gaza, and a forced mass evacuation, until the retarded politicians of the US, UK, Germany, and other countries will need to face the reality. How about the ass-licking journos who have always relayed the pro-Israel version of the facts, for lack of brains, lack of cojones, or fear for their jobs and freedom? When a Jew is a murderer, are we still allowed to say that he’s a murderer? Or Bibi Netanyahu is God, because, you know, the Shoah made them all saints, forever?

Ignored challenge number 3: China

This adds to the already existing mass idiocy. The West managed to “optimize” everything by moving the manufacturing of virtually everything in China, or in other Asian countries. What could possibly go wrong?

As a side note, I never heard Greta Thunberg complaining that everything has to be shipped half the planet instead of being manufactured locally. Stupid bitch.

What news can be more ridiculous than this one? La première usine européenne de paracétamol va ouvrir à Toulouse début 2025: “Une start-up annonce son installation au sud de Toulouse, pour produire et commercialiser du paracétamol dès 2025. … La dernière usine européenne de paracétamol a fermé en 2009 – à cause de la concurrence étrangère et des coûts de production. Depuis, 85% de son principe actif était importé d’Asie ou des Etats-Unis.” Start-up my ass. Nobody starts a new company, they’re all start-ups nowadays.

I would remind you that, before 1990, semiconductors and other electronic component were manufactured in half of Europe’s countries. Not just in the UK, the Netherlands, France, Germany, and Italy, but also in the Eastern Block: the GDR, Czechoslovakia, Romania, and, obviously, in the Soviet Union. Consumer electronics were also made even in the “Socialist” countries, including Poland, Hungary, Romania, and the USSR (Ukraine, Latvia, Russia). Computers? Britain, France, Italy, etc., and the “Socialist” countries, again. Even in Bulgaria, dammit.

Now, the major industry in Europe is “the financial industry”! We’re even importing food. No more “English tweed,” but Asian sweatshop crap. This is the second fall of Rome! The Western civilization is suicidal!

Oh, I was forgetting about “the other China problem”: beyond its future military attempt at getting Taiwan (ROC), China (PRC) asserts extensive, unlawful claims in the South China Sea, to about 90% of the 3.5 million-square-kilometer South China Sea. Among the affected countries are Malaysia, the Philippines, and Vietnam.

It doesn’t matter that China currently has huge financial and economic issues or that its army is plagued by corruption. The world has not yet started to see China’s hideous face. They purchased lithium mines, companies, ports and airports (in France and Germany too!); they have investments in Latin America and Africa; and your next car is going to be an electric crap made by BYD. Have you started learning Mandarin yet?

Why this decision of not writing about politics anymore?

Because I’m sick of so much stupidity. And because nobody reads blogs anymore.

We’re living in a society that resides on three pillars:

  • TikTok – for the young retards, but I’ve seen people of all ages absorbed by TikTok in buses, trams, subways.
  • YouTube – for everyone. YouTube has become more important than the television, than Wikipedia, than everything. If I had 1 million euros, I’d invest it in YouTube. Unfortunately, it is not possible to invest in YouTube stock directly. That’s because Google acquired YouTube in 2006 and now owns 100% of the company. So I’ll keep my million.
  • Facebook – for “OK, Boomer.” Enough said. Then, Instagram for younger people.

People don’t read anymore, except for the fake news and the clickbaits they often reach through social networks. So even most smart people don’t write anymore–they give interviews on YouTube.

I’m not going to mention the AI here; I might want to write about it at a later point–this is about technology, not politics. But the human stupidity broke the common sense even before ChatGPT was released: people stopped going to Stack Exchange, or to Stack Overflow for IT-related issues, and even less to specialized forums. They turned to Reddit. Now they’ll ask ChatGPT, and many would pay $20/month not only for ChatGPT Pro, but for each AI-derived service.

The age of paying a monthly subscription for each streaming service (HBO Max, Disney+, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Peacock, Apple TV+, Paramount+) will turn into an age of paying a monthly subscription for each AI service available. It’s gonna be fun.

My hope in a better future was never at a lower level.