My only comment is that this thing is totally crazy, and I’m not even talking of how badly an electric car society would scale up (good luck when the power grid collapses!). Hoping that CNN won’t take down these videos too soon, I’m embedding them here for a more convenient watching (as opposed to their stupid carousel).

CNN tried Tesla’s ‘full self-driving’ mode on NYC streets. It didn’t go great

This 33-year-old made the world’s fastest electric car. Now he’s running Bugatti

See this new 70s-inspired electric Ford concept truck

These tiny cars are cute and easy to park. Will anyone wan them?

The Vietnamese VinFast is bringing its electric SUVs to the US

Check out the Rivian R1T, a glamper’s dream truck

The all-electric Mustang Mach-E GT lives up to the name

The new all-electric Mercedes-Benz EQS (2 videos)

The Hummer electric SUV is coming

Tesla competitor’s new electric pickup

Demand for electric cars: the upcoming tsunami

This electric fire truck is emission-free

The EV startup working with Uber and UPS

Amazon’s Zoox robotaxi

Volkswagen unveils ID. Life

It may sound like “a bright future” to you, but to me, it looks like a nightmare.