If you’ve been following the news from Ukraine, the situation sucks big time: Zelenskiy bypasses General Zaluzhnyi, the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, by contacting his subordinates directly, and takes the piss out of those who say there’s trouble on the front line; the situation on the battlefield for the Ukrainians ends up like that of the Russians earlier, meaning they’re becoming cannon fodder; the objectives are unclear because nothing can be gained, so you have no fucking objectives to meet when the counteroffensive was a clusterfuck.

In such a stalemate situation in the Korean War, Eisenhower opted for an armistice. But Ukraine is unlikely to become a frozen conflict, as it’s too hot, and neither side would agree to a Korean-style armistice.

Well, who cares, anyway? The fine NATO gentlemen will celebrate their statutory Christmas, happy that they didn’t need to bother Putin with their fighter jets. Aircraft that should have bombed any invader of Ukraine since day one! In Ukraine, not outside of it, to be clear.

Now you can’t get much of a truce in Ukraine, as there are no American troops there, so Putin’s troops might stake on the passing time to get Ukraine out of manpower. This is not another Korean War, but more like another fall of Rome.

Season’s Greetings!