No, it’s not Alphabet Inc., the artificial superclass for Google, but the Greek Alphabet, which currently got incremented to Delta, the name of the Indian variant. Other variants are warming up. The future is far from sounding good.

Some context

The retards at the WHO thought of making SARS-CoV-2 “more european” by rebranding it:

Variants of Concern
Variants of Interest

👉 And, guess what? Not only Delta is in the process of conquering the world, but it’s also extremely contagious!

👉 However, being vaccinated helps:

👉 And the trend is to migrate to the mRNA-based vaccines for an improved protection:

👉 But things are getting ugly not only in Australia:

💉 Still, not everyone in the press understands how statistics work:

In English:

  • If 87% are vaccinated and 10% of them get infected nonetheless: 8.7 infected, all vaccinated.
  • If 13% are not vaccinated and all of them get infected: 13 infected, not vaccinated.
  • Infected, vaccinated out of total: 8.7/(13+8.7) *100 = 40%

Paradoxical? No, just unintuitive. To get “better figures for the vaccinated”… the vaccinated should be a minority. Example:

  • If 50% are vaccinated and 10% of them get infected nonetheless: 5 infected, all vaccinated.
  • If 50% are not vaccinated and all of them get infected: 50 infected, not vaccinated.
  • Infected, vaccinated out of total: 5/(50+5) *100 = 9.1%

What is to be done?

Just sit and wait your turn to die. (Just kidding.)

In earnest, based on my information sources, here’s what I think will happen (remember: a conclusion is simply the place where you got tired of thinking):

  • It’s not going to end. Never. Once Pandora’s Box has been opened in Wuhan, there’s no way back.
  • The fourth wave is just a wave, not the last one. Does common cold’s coronavirus ever die? Neither will this one.
  • We should probably stop classifying the variants. Do we classify the common cold? Nope.
  • Every single person on Earth will eventually get SARS-CoV-2. The survivors will get it again and again, in whatever variant will hit them. “Corona” is the new common cold.
  • It’s preferable for everyone to be vaccinated when SARS-CoV-2 first hits them. It is also my belief that even if new variants will require new vaccines, the immune system will be much more “educated” after a vaccine and a first post-vaccinal SARS-CoV-2 infection. The alternative is to have it hit you while you’re totally unprepared, and it would be worse.
  • If the vaccine itself has nasty effects on some people, it’s my belief that the virus would have a much worse impact on the same people! Simpler put: if the vaccine almost killed you, the virus would probably have succeeded in killing you!
  • Remember: SARS-CoV-2 will be hunting you in 2022 too. And in 2023. And in 2024. And so on, until you die, no matter the death cause.

Not everyone agrees, though.

The “AZ Report” diversion

Even if it’s not “a Russian conspiracy,” it’s not appropriately presented and discussed. Originally posted by Sputnik on May, 26 (More Deaths Among Vaccinated With Pfizer Than AstraZeneca – AZ Report), it was further relayed by RT a couple of days later (Pfizer jab deadlier than AstraZeneca across Europe – leaked study):

Sputnik insisted in their “love” for the West: How Western MSM Passed Over AstraZeneca’s Call For Transparency For New Wild ‘Russia’ Conspiracy. Still, nobody gave a link to the actual leaked report!

Yours truly has found it and uploaded it here: LeakedReport.pdf. It’s a mediocre quality scan of a poor quality print of a document that appears to be genuine. The relevant part is at page 4/8:

And here’s how we know that this report used very old data. Based on the COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, the figures for the fully vaccinated people are much, much higher:

How about the death rates now vs the date when the report collected the data? The reason for this curiosity is that initially, the vaccines were administered to “the most vulnerable groups,” including old and sick people; it is to be expected that, as the vaccination rate increases, the death rate per million doses to decrease.

Unfortunately, the Eurocracy is anything but open, and the death rate cannot be easily obtained per country, or per any other criteria. No matter what some conspiracist website claim, there’s no way to get deaths from the stupid reports offered by EudraVigilance. Nope. Not these days. One can get figures for “serious” side effects, but bot the death figures. Try your luck and use your mouse (a lot):

What could be said about this report, combined with the lack of transparency of the European Union? That it undermines any effort to increase the confidence in anything: the vaccines, the medical authorities, the politicians, the Eurocracy.

Even in America, efforts like these risk to fail:

No matter The real-life impact of vaccination on COVID-19 mortality in Europe and Israel, people would say: but how about the deaths caused by the vaccine?

Eric Clapton, poor old guy

It came to my attention that 76-year-old Eric Clapton has become a vocal opponent of the COVID-19 vaccine after receiving one himself. In December 2020, two months before his injection, he appeared on Van Morrison’s anti-lockdown song “Stand and Deliver”: “Do you want to be a free man/Or do you want to be a slave?”

Clapton blames the official propaganda for his painful experience:

“In February of this year, before I learned the nature of vaccines, and to be 76 years old with ephezyma [sic] I was at the forefront. I took the first jab of [AstraZeneca] and straight away had severe reactions which lasted ten days,” Clapton wrote. “I recovered eventually and was told it would be twelve weeks before the second one.”

“About six weeks later, I was offered and took the second AZ shot, but with a little more knowledge of the dangers,” he continued. “Needless to say, the reactions were disastrous; my hands and feet were either frozen, numb, or burning, and pretty much useless for two weeks, I feared I would never play again.”

Clapton added that he suffers from peripheral neuropathy and therefore “should never have gone near the needle.” However, he said, “the propaganda said the vaccine was safe for everyone.”


“Within several hours, I was shaking like a leaf,” he says. “And I went to bed early, and I couldn’t get home… I was boiling hot and sweating. And then I was cold. And I was out for the count for about a week. I had been preparing for a project where I was going to be playing acoustic guitar with a couple of musicians and we’re all going to film it that week. Not me — [I was] out.”

It’s not all due to the vaccine, but the vaccine took my immune system and just shook it around again.”

“Now I’ve stopped watching TV,” he explains in the video. “One of the cartoons was a drawing of a guy interviewing two Quakers, and saying, ‘How come none of your community have got COVID?’, and he says, ‘Well, we don’t watch TV.’ It’s so true man, so much of the sickness is in our heads.”

Poor old shaken guy. He’s now against everything and everyone. You can watch his 24-minute interview here: Eric Clapton: Exclusive & Uncensored | Oracle Films.

Cuban intermezzo

Last time I mentioned the Cuban efforts in developing a vaccine was back in February. Meanwhile, beyond Soberana 02, there’s another candidate vaccine, Abdala.

The efficacy, as reported on June 16 by the Cuban authorities:

  • Soberana 02, in two doses: 62%
  • Abdala, in three doses: 92.28%

For details on how these figures were computed, look here.

In Cuba, only 24% of the population has had at least one jab, which is very little, given that two or three doses are required for a full immunization. And the figures for the single day of June 26 (here or here) include 2698 new cases (of which 25% asymptomatic); in intensive care there were 171 patients, of which 62 in critical state. There were also 10 deaths, nine of which (ages 54, 83, 73, 83, 75, 59, 62, 72, 46) with preexisting conditions, but the tenth victim, aged 39, was perfectly healthy, yet she died after 14 days of hospitalization:

Ciudadana cubana, de 39 años de edad. Municipio y provincia Ciego de Ávila. Antecedentes Patológicos Personales: Sana. Estadía hospitalaria: 14 días. Presentó empeoramiento clínico, gasométrico y radiológico con inestabilidad hemodinámica. Hizo parada cardíaca en asistolia, fueron realizadas maniobras de reanimación cardiopulmonar, que no fueron efectivas. Lamentamos profundamente lo sucedido y trasmitimos las condolencias a familiares y amigos.

Remember: you could die too from this virus.

Hydroxychloroquine and its friends

Or should I say, Didier Raoult and his friends? It’s about this recent video, posted on June 26: Hydroxychloroquine and its friends.

I hate how his friend chose to talk almost an hour instead of making his PowerPoint presentation public, but here you have screenshoots with the slides, which you can click to enlarge, then use arrows to navigate (I didn’t watch the video and I didn’t listen not even a second; video podcasts are by lazy idiots for lazy for idiots, and I prefer to read: it’s much, much faster):

Quick summary:

  • Harvey A Risch: No conflicts of interests; cancer epidemiologist for 40 years.
  • HCQ+AZ: in vitro effectiveness in China; other studies were mixing all kind of patients; Dr. Zelenko; own study May 27, 2020 in AJE: Early Outpatient Treatment of Symptomatic, High-Risk COVID-19 Patients That Should Be Ramped Up Immediately as Key to the Pandemic Crisis, DOI: 10.1093/aje/kwaa093.
  • Early HCQ+antibiotic (AZ or doxycycline) beneficial, reducing outpatient risk of hospitalization and mortality
  • Everyone trying to discredit the HCQ: the HCQ “science war” + political and policy war
  • Outpatient use of HCQ blocked in the US
  • FDA fraud: based on inpatient data, they blocked HCQ for outpatient use
  • Outpatient use of HCQ blocked in the France: reclassified from OTC to prescription-only in October 2019 (not linked to COVID-19!), although publicly announced on January 13, 2020
  • Martin Landray, author of the fraudulent RECOVERY trial, claiming that all nonrandomized studies are rubbish, thus blocking the other studies (see my previous post for a classification and examples, e.g. post-factum observational cohort studies)
  • Fauci: all non-RCT studies are “anectodal”
  • “Junk evidence” in detail: slides 19-25
  • Actual evidence, studies in detail: slides 26-37
  • Outpatient HCQ use is associated with a 4-fold reduction in mortality
  • Companion agents used with HCQ: AZ or doxycycline, zinc, vitamin D, butesonide, colchicine, fluvoxamine, bromhexin, aspirin, etc.
  • Not discussing ivermectin (IVM) studies, because those studies ( don’t separate outpatient from hospital studies, thus being unreliable
  • Own meta-studies on IVM: not enough data for IVM, the evidence of benefit is much stronger for HCQ

What is to be added? Oh, yes:

“They” won’t let you take HCQ, unless you persuade them you need to visit an area with rampant malaria, and even then, they would give you only a few pills. They would rather legalize marijuana and give you another vaccine, but not HCQ!

Would George Carlin have been a “covidiot” today?

I have to admit that his take on germs, the immune system and personal hygiene was at least partially questionable back in 1999:

I won’t comment though.


As I said, it won’t go away. The Greek alphabet is big enough, and there are other alphabets too.

A zero-risk strategy can’t possibly exist. One has to live with the risk, no matter what they do.

I have feedback that the Canadians who got a booster jab of Moderna after an initial jab of AstraZeneca usually experienced flu-like symptoms. Apparently, a second jab of mRNA has unpleasant reactions, no matter the first one! (Does this even makes sense, scientifically?!)

I don’t have any reassuring studies concerning the post-AZ cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (CVT) and the post-Pfizer myocarditis and pericarditis, but I have this: “Long COVID” is nasty, so even if you get well, you might not be that well. A recent study, COVID-19 and Cardiomyopathy: A Systematic Review, showed this for the post-COVID patients:

  • 76.47% had Ground-glass opacities in their chest CT scan examination
  • 33% had hypertension
  • 21.7% had high troponin levels (a cardiac biomarker predicting the likelihood of cardiovascular events)

The post-Pfizer myocarditis/pericarditis figures are tiny compared to 21.7%!

Another study, this time about blood clots: Cerebral venous thrombosis (CVT) and portal vein thrombosis (PVT): a retrospective cohort study of 537,913 COVID-19 cases. The funny thing is that they don’t compare to AZ, which was accused of CVT, but with mRNA vaccines. Either way, we have this:

  • CVT incidence after COVID-19 diagnosis: 42.8 per million
  • CVT incidence after influenza: 3.83 per million
  • CVT incidence after an mRNA vaccine: 6.67 per million
  • PVT incidence after COVID-19 diagnosis: 392.3 per million people
  • PVT incidence after influenza: 1.39 per million people
  • PVT incidence after an mRNA vaccine: 7.40 per million people

Simply put, anything is better than getting COVID-19 and healing from it. If George Carlin believed those who got the Polio shot to be pussies, I’d say the maximum pussification is to fear a vaccine, being it… the way it is.


  • I remain angry that they don’t have proper protocols for people at risk of cardiovascular side effects.
  • I remain angry that they don’t have testing procedures to identify those at risk of severe side effects before injecting them.
  • I remain angry that they don’t transparently publish all the data regarding side effects and deaths.
  • I remain angry that their persuasion strategy is basically propaganda, not unbiased information.
  • I remain angry that they don’t have a convincing explanation for the severe flu-like symptoms given by the second mRNA shot.

On the other hand, creating and disseminating fake news (meaning “things that didn’t happen,” either hearsay, or simply made-up) is an abjection and a crime and should be punished with death.

LATE EDIT: Reuters hates Russia

Here’s how Reuters manipulated the public on June 29. First, they post a news report empty of any real contents, with the title: Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine less effective against Delta variant -TASS. Less effective than what?! It doesn’t matter, because this “news” was meant to be put on Twitter.

Less than 2 hours later, a real article got published, just not on Twitter! Russia’s Sputnik V shot around 90% effective against Delta variant – RIA. 90% is actually great news!

What was the better reference they can invoke as the reason they had the first “news report”? Back in February, it was 92%, but not against Delta: Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine 92% effective in fighting COVID-19.

It’s only much later (2:58 PM CEST vs 12:54 PM CEST), and more than one hour after the “good” article (1:40 PM CEST) that they changed the title of the first article, and they also added to its contents: Russia’s Sputnik V shot around 90% effective against Delta variant, developers say. But the tweet has the same old contents and the same old title!

If you follow Reuters on Twitter, the only thing you’ll learn is that “Sputnik V is less effective against the Delta variant, who cares less effective than what, or than when, or than against what variants”… implying that “Russian’s vaccine is crap, unlike our mRNA offering!”

And they say Sputnik and RT are writing propaganda against the Western vaccines…