I should have used a manga thumbnail, because it’s a Japanese design, however Made in China (the price also corresponds to a Chinese product). I just received it, and so far it feels OK, with medium-force clicks, stronger middle-click, great scroll wheel, decent trackball movement. Beyond the mandatory accommodation time (learning curve!), does it have a time to “break in” for the trackball and the three 2.5 mm support balls? (Should I look for better support balls made of ZrO2?) For how I went for the ELECOM HUGE M-HT1DRBK (review), read my previous post.

If I only need it to work as a mouse, I don’t need any software: the trackball, the scroll wheel and 3 buttons (left, right, and the scroll wheel as a middle button) work out of the box. Ironically, this device should be configurable under Linux without any extra software, as long as the functions assigned to the other 3 buttons (F1, F2, F3) don’t need to be changed dynamically.