After Philippe Charles Jacquet: The Better Maestro of Solitude and Il gattopardo azzurro: How I discovered Evgeni Gordiets, I’ll show you samples from two contemporary painters that are completely different in style, yet somehow I found them worth mentioning under the tag Art.

Michiel Schrijver and his surreal architecture

I discovered Michiel Schrijver (Dutch, born 1957) through his painting Silence of the sea, 2013, via this FB post:

Someone commented: “Evocative. I’m reminded of both Hopper and de Chirico.” Quite true.

Here’s how you can learn more about him:

The recurrent themes can be easily identified in the sampler below.

Mark Beck, the American realist

In a completely different genre, an artist discovered via a French guy who listed his painting Hidden Narrative:

Mark Beck has his own website, with more than 100 paintings are shown, with newer additions on his FB page, and Tutt’Art@ has a page on him too: Mark Beck, 1957.

I’m not a fan of his people’s portraits, so my quick selection will mostly include landscapes.

Not of the same caliber, I’m afraid.

BONUS: Cristina Bernazzani

Cristina Bernazzani, Surreal cat:

Cristina Bernazzani, Female reading: