Six months ago, I noticed how WordPress broke my site. Now that WP 6.3 was released on August 2, but IONOS has upgraded to it a few days later, I noticed how this release breaks even more!

Read this first

David Bushell: WordPress 6.3; breaking decades of CSS!

I fail to understand how CSS specificity works; but CSS is so broken a standard, by design, that I don’t care anymore. I’d have used priorities, or I’d have left the last definition that applies to override anything, or I’d have prioritized !important. It doesn’t matter now. CSS is a broken piece of shit, and WordPress is the supreme crap that fucks CSS even more!

David has submitted this bug report: 53717: WP 6.3 CSS specificity change breaks Block Gap margin in themes.

And there is also, by someone else, 53468: New WP 6.3 CSS is overriding theme styles and styles from other plugins.

I’m not sure that there is a fix

But the breakage is more severe than that. The workaround suggested by David Bushell doesn’t automatically fix anything, as one has to know which properties to reset. Somehow, by breaking the specificity, it looks like WP 6.3 has managed to break the entire HTML! In my case, I have a DIV (that contains a FIGURE) followed by a P, and both blocks are inline blocks, i.e. on the same row!

Have you ever seen such a stupendous mental retard? Who the fuck designs WordPress? Why can’t they just let it be and only fix the security issues?

Also, centering is now broken on my blog.

Shitheads. Fucktards. I’ll see later to which degree I can fix my theme. I did want to switch to another solution, but there is no true alternative to WordPress. These guys are worse than Microsoft. Every single version breaks something!