Until very recently, I wasn’t au courant with the connection between Elrond and Holoride, and I also wasn’t fully aware that the nightmarish future that awaits us is really a mega-horror meta-scam, powered by the global stupidity of too many idiots!

Elrond, yet another crypto-scam

The Elrond (EGLD) crypto, per se, is just another piece of blockchain-based shit that exists in the gray area of the global lack of proper legislation. As expected, it has its fans worldwide, many of them. The usual crypto herd, of which some make money, some lose money, and all are loving everything they don’t quite understand, as long as it looks like a gorgeous high-tech shit.

Beniamin Mincu, the CEO and Co-Founder of Elrond, would most likely been in jail in a parallel Universe with better laws. In this one, he’s an honest businessman.

On December 16, 2021, the RIDE token of the Holoride project got listed on the Maiar DEX, a decentralized finance digital exchange owned and powered by Elrond.

What happened then? A huge fraud, masked as a technical glitch! (Story in Romanian: Tun pe piața crypto din România: zeci de milioane de dolari produși cu „boți” în câteva minute.) To make a long story short:

  • RIDE could only be purchased in Elrond (EGLD), not in USD or any other real currency. Right after the launch, RIDE cost a few cents, but when it was valued at about $0.155 (the equivalent in EGLD), a bot purchased 10.79 million RIDE! Then, another bot purchased 6.9 million RIDE at $0.43 (the equivalent in EGLD). Meanwhile, the exchange was practically blocked by such huge transactions (blockchain-based transactions require a ginormous amount of computing power!), and the transactions (swaps) of the many regular customers were delayed so much that they clicked to buy at a certain price, but they ended buying at a much higher one! The price went up to more than $5, and that’s when those bots started selling: the 10.79 million RIDE bought for 5,600 ELGD were sold for 119,000 ELGD, resulting in a profit of about $34 million! (To be noted that EGLD, being a rather established cryptoshit and with $5bn capitalization, had a much lower volatility than RIDE.)
  • After that fiasco that made many regular people lose so much money in a couple of minutes, Elrond Network said they talked to the “stalking provider” (the owner of the second bot) and eventually managed to return 40.7k EGLD and 1.1m RIDE (about $17 million) to the community.

The CEO wrote a 27-tweet thread explaining their “lessons learned”:

110% bullshit! Elrond and Maiar are scams, and Beniamin Mincu is a fraudster!

But what is Holoride?

Things look even more tragic once you learn what Holoride is, beyond the slogan (“Turning vehicles into moving theme parks.”) and the succinct description I’ve found somewhere:

Holoride platform aims at creating an in-vehicle virtual platform, which offers the users XR reality entertainment system extended reality and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Elrond Blockchain.

They are another shit, of course. A metaverse project, in the line of Zuckerberg’s hell. But they’re backed by Audi, and Porsche, and Daimler, and Ford, and Disney, and Universal Pictures. Indeed, entire industries are keen on crashing the planet in the following years!

As if making an entertainment platform out of a car wasn’t enough, they decided to “supercharging the holoride ecosystem with a powerful and engaging tool that is essentially helping us to create a vibrant environment with a variety of incentives – for both partners and passengers”: the RIDE cryptocurrency.

Holoride official video from January 2019:

Audi, July 2021:

Engadget review, back in August:

There are tons of enthusiastic videos on YouTube, and extremely few skeptics, such as this one: Holoride ICO on Elrond: Why I am not buying: Terrible Idea. Read the comments, to see how the brainwashed zombies are trashing him!

Alongside the Romanian Beniamin Mincu, CEO of Elrond, there is the other international criminal, this time backed by the German automotive industry. Nils J. Wollny, CEO and co-founder of Holoride. Here’s a video in which both scumbags present their “vision”: holoride is bringing in-car entertainment to the metaverse! (1st Elrond Launchpad Project!).

The first guy being Romanian, it’s no wonder that a Romanian influencer, George Buhnici, is praising Elrond, as a true arse-licker, cocksucker and suckhole:

The nightmare

I’m still in shock. While an entire planet was under the stress of a pandemic, the world’s “intelligent retards” (by which I mean the innate scammers with entrepreneurial spirit and coding abilities) were extremely busy inventing more and more cryptoshit able to “create” money out of nothing. That, and the fact that many influencers got “expertise” in cryptoshit, and I went back to George Buhnici which, for presenting the various cryptoshit themes, teamed with Andrei Bratucu. I just watched a recent video in Romanian that interviews Filip Cristian, age 19, CEO and founder of Future Coin. (I still can’t believe this is the real world and not a bad dream or a metaverse. It’s way too nightmarish.)

If you don’t understand Romanian, read Future Coin’s Whitepaper: The Future of Virtual Coins. (It’s a fine, legit business, and that’s why it’s based in Dubai, not in Romania!)

The particular case of this young guy (un puțoi tupeist) made me had the following thought:

This planet relies on so much software, and this software has such an abysmally low quality that it might screw the entire world economy, but instead of using the competent software developers to improve the software we really need, such talented software developers and coders are designing new and new crypto-projects that will certainly bring an end to the human civilization!

Bach to Holoride, and to the collusion of the automotive and the entertainment industries with the cryptocurrency scammers, all I can say is this:

We are more than doomed. We’re totaled.

Let’s hope there’ll be a cataclysm destroying the Cloud and the entire high-tech infrastructure (which is very fragile, actually): people able to produce real stuff—food, clothing, shelter—will survive, whereas the “crypto-experts” and all the other parasites—CEOs, marketing & sales, HR, everyone with an MBA, and everyone having Jack Welch for their God—will have what they deserve.