Israel opposes fuel supplies to the Gaza Strip. Before they address what the honorable guys from Hamas have or have not confiscated, the retards from the IDF should know that it doesn’t rain gasoline or diesel in Gaza, so if no fuel trucks are coming in, then there is no fuel. At all. And hospital generators really need fuel, because electricity, for some reason (nobody seems to know why), is missing. Gaza is starting to look more and more like the Warsaw Ghetto, only worse, because it’s raining rockets and missiles.

Israel is lamented for having to evacuate towns with 30,000 people, while in Gaza they have ordered the evacuation of over 1 million people, who really have nowhere in the hell to go.

It’s becoming increasingly hard to believe that the IDF’s bombing of Gaza for so long has actually been aimed at specific targets, but alas, those Hamas strategic points are in civilian buildings. The map of the struck areas seems to indicate that the IDF is carpet bombing at random, far from the alleged surgical strikes. It’s not as if Hamas operatives were stupid enough to stay where the IDF knows they are, while the rest of the population is fleeing. And the IDF knows my ass where Hamas are hiding, as long as they didn’t know about the October 7 mega-operation.

Without making the comparison with Russia, I think Israel has just proven that:

  1. Its secret services are far more pitiful than previously thought.
  2. Its military is more inept than previously thought.
  3. Its political leadership is pathetic.
  4. Its moral values are close to those of the Russians: fuck ’em, we’ll hammer ’em at random, they’re the enemy.

The fact that the IDF keeps delaying entering Gaza suggests there is no plan. It’s true that Biden himself tried to delay the ground offensive, but why? I would bet that it won’t happen, as the IDF would suffer huge losses in that case, and Bibi Netanyahu, who is already loathed by an entire country, would not have many more days in power, and the country would be in danger of falling into a chaos unlike any other since its founding.

The IDF also promised not only to respond appropriately in the event of direct Iranian involvement, but also to “dissolve the state of Lebanon” if it (which “it” isn’t clear, as Hezbollah are not officially part of the Lebanese state structures!) attacks Israel.

If Israel really is banking on the biggest regional war in history, I fear it will get it. Except that the most likely outcome would be to dismantle the state of Israel for good.

You see, man, where does the arrogance of not even partially complying with the December 1947 United Nations partition proposal lead? Whoever sows the wind for three quarters of a century is in danger of reaping a storm that we all, and not only they, will not be able to bear!

As they say, Hamas has won the information war, under the umbrella of pro-Palestinian demonstrations. Israel wants to fight this with censorship, asking the EU and social networks to censor everything they can. I’m afraid that’s not the solution. Do you know who was censoring the information, under the pretext that the popular masses “lacked political education” and cannot interpret it? That’s right, the communists. Now, it’s true that the plebs are stupid, uneducated, without judgement. That was also observed in the denialism of the pandemic. But when you censor information, real or fake, about the pandemic, about Russia, about Gaza, the result is that you increase the number of conspiracists who will rally to the wrong cause.

They’ve been saying for about 40+ years (it’s the oldest conspiracy theory I know, from an aunt) that “the yellow race will rule the world”, but I thought it was about China. Turns out it’s going to be China + the Middle Eastern Arabs. When the sun beats down on your head, they can look pretty yellow, too.

After all, if a world war was started from a shitty Archduke being shot, in which not only the affected Austrian Empire but also the Germans whose balls were on fire were throwing shit into the fan, why shouldn’t a world war be started by 1,400 Jews murdered by Hamas?

I hope the English language will be of help, as I don’t know either Chinese or Arabic.