It’s a he, right? Like Jesus, huh. Because Bing loves me anyway, despite my feelings towards “him” being ambivalent.

I use, depending on the mood, either of Google, DuckDuckGo, and Bing. With Bing, things are a bit complicated, because it insists on showing some news on the front page, so I occasionally switch the country to see different news ad, sometimes, different wallpapers. Like so:

As long as I am not logged with my Microsoft account, it should work. However, depending on some other cookies, the language of the Bing page elements other than the news themselves (Image, Videos, etc.) usually remains to English lately instead of changing to the targeted nation’s language, probably because of the browser.

Yesterday, June 10, I noticed a visit to my site from Bing Netherlands. I couldn’t know the query, but only the referrer (GDPR, like), so I tried in several Bing “countries” for the search string fedora 34 xfce (no quotation marks whatsoever).

To my surprise, all national flavors of Bing gave my recent blog post of the previous day, June 9, as the the third or the fourth result! Google doesn’t give it anywhere in the first result pages, the bastard.

Bing Germany:

Bing France:

Queen’s Bing:

Amanda Gorman’s Bing:

The bottom line: with Bing, there’s no need for any SEO! It will display the most relevant and recent results first, even if Bing’s databases are smaller than Google’s, and even if my blog is not popular at all these years.

But Google, it really sucks. All the attempts to make it display the truly relevant results instead of the “SEO-optimized” crap seem to have failed.

I know that Microsoft is a piece of shit (Windows 10 is the worst crap in the known Universe; Windows Phone was nice, but the retards were unable to manage it; and they have probably spent billions on a castrated Windows 10X only to cancel it, most likely without asking anyone their bonuses back), but somehow Bing works better now than in the past.

Use Bing, and you’ll know me better.™

Bonus Tip: Hey, Google Morons, Here’s How You Are Cheated Every Single Day!

The fucking retards at Google can’t have relevant results as long as they’re abused in many ways, yet they’re incompetent or impotent, so the cheating goes on. Here’s such a trick.

Suppose you want to download something from DropGalaxy. On the download page, clicking on Free Download will produce an interstitial page (unless your ad-blocker eats it, in which case the download won’t be possible!) instructing you to click on the first result in a Google search. Then you’ll be directed to a Google search! Clicking on the first result will indeed bring you to a site that redirects to the same DropGalaxy page (notice however that the contents is provided through a different site, whose ranking increases in Google’s stupid database) that now allows you to click on Create download link, and eventually to download the desired file.

How many other “SEO tricks” are poisoning Google’s rankings? How on Earth could anyone trust Google?