When I first heard of the so-called Facebook Papers, I failed to understand what’s the whole fuss about: wasn’t it already old news that Facebook is harmful to humankind? What could a whistle-blower reveal? Oh, that Facebook knew they were evil and harmful? Color me surprised… NOT! However, after having watched the video below, things started to look different in my eyes. Facebook is the supreme evil!

I hope the video automatically displays the English subtitles for you too. They are not perfect, and there are some gaps (not only when the voice or the relevant text on screen is in English), but at least they’re official (not automatically generated).

ZDF Magazin Royale is a late-night satire show hosted by Jan Böhmermann, at the German public TV. You really must watch this segment from Dec. 10, 2021! Hit the “full-screen” button, if you prefer.

Yes, there are many more evils out there. TikTok. Twitter, these days. YouTube, to some extent. Google, because yes, it’s the mother of all evils, once we remove Facebook-Meta and its global empire.

But we are doomed because of Facebook.