There is no way “the new normality” would ever resemble anything close to the idea of normality, but if worse comes to worst, it’s all the fault of the idiots, which are really too many. Maybe the pandemic didn’t kill enough of them so far.

I can’t say I’m surprised

Vaccinated or not, people acted and still act carelessly and irresponsibly. While we know that fully vaccinated people have fewer chances to develop severe symptoms and to die, we also know, from all the history of the diseases that have been practically eradicated through decades of mass vaccination of children, that “herd immunity” doesn’t work as in “with 60-70% vaccinated, we shouldn’t care anymore,” but it rather works as in “after years and years of 80-98% vaccination, the disease goes away.” This is not what is happening right now, because what’s happening right now is a global anti-vaccine movement that gains momentum and that’s going to ruin everyone’s future!

COVID-19 pandemic. Container shortage. Chip shortage. Rising energy prices. Stupid COP26 restrictions on fossil fuels. What else could go wrong?

Stupid judges, the usual cherry on the cake

“A person’s choice to remain unvaccinated and forgo regular testing is noneconomic inactivity.” — This is something that makes sense in the US legal system, which seems to have been designed by Bart Simpson (or was it Al Bundy?).

Stupid WHO officials, which shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone

Stupid cunts galore, not just Greta Thunberg

Stupid influencers, even some famously intelligent ones

OK, here’s the original tweet:

Very few of Jordan Peterson’s followers have common sense and good judgment:

There were a couple of tweets I couldn’t find again, because they were replies in threads to some tweets that were replies to JBP’s, and which basically said something like: stop whining and get the fucking jab!

Most of them are this stupid:

Here too, I couldn’t find the tweet about the family leaving for Costa Rica (it wasn’t a direct reply to the original tweet, and Twitter’s stupidity doesn’t help).

A couple of people have a partial understanding of the reality:

So, yeah. As I said before:

  • Some people trust their governments to the extent that they’d observe the official recommendations as if they were mandated, so there’s no need to impose them.
  • Some cultures include high levels of discipline and self-restraint, and people also don’t typically get in close contact very often or in large groups.
  • At the other end, even if the level of vaccination is rather high, if the restrictions are eased, or if, regardless of the restrictions, people go to large parties, people get drunk, and generally they behave irresponsibly, you get the situations that can be seen e.g. in the Netherlands and in Ireland.

I am too old and so profoundly bound to the European culture and civilization, but I wish I were 20 years younger, and born in a country like Singapore or Japan.

NOTE: I disagree with Prof. Didier Raoult’s opinion that not everyone should get vaccinated against COVID-19, but only the groups at risk (the elderly, those with diabetes, obesity, heart conditions, etc.) and the future mothers before they get pregnant. He reiterated this point of view as recently as five days ago, in Kill the winner.

On the other hand, he’s right that this virus is very volatile, changing quite easily (it’s only RNA, it lacks the DNA), and it’s also recent enough for it to be not yet adapted to the human host. Much older viruses are more stable because they got adapted to the host, and they’re even more stable if they are DNA viruses. For such viruses, a vaccine is effective for a very long time, and for such vaccines, mass vaccination proved so successful in preventing the epidemics. However, with SARS-CoV-2, most people agree that it’s never going to be eradicated, and I see two reasons for that:

  1. It’s too fast to change. Influenza viruses, also RNA-only, are fast-changing too, and nobody ever stopped the flu.
  2. The vaccination rate is pathetic. Influenza too has low vaccination rates every year, and this is also a reason why every year there’s a flu season, vaccination or not.

Finally, I’m sad that Prof. Didier Raoult never bothered (for what I know) what are the reason for some vaccines to (apparently) have higher rates of specific adverse reactions in people younger than certain ages (I believe age threshold such as 50, 40, or 30 are totally artificial), i.e. thromboses for Astra-Zeneca’s and myocarditis-pericarditis for Moderna’s. Without even an attempt to explain the mechanism of such phenomenons, I take Dr. Raoult for being a mild “negationist” and an anti-vaxxer!

My personal take is as follows:

  1. It’s illogical for a younger person to be more susceptible to develop a disease than an older one, as long as we’re talking of adults! If anything, the contrary would make sense. In this case, the WHO, the CDC, the EMA have utterly failed to provide an explanation (not that any of them would care).
  2. If such diseases happened in younger people, that might have happened because young people rarely undergo regular check-ups, therefore they assume they’re healthy and without underlying medical conditions, when this is not actually the case!
  3. The said adverse reactions (the thromboses, the myocarditis-pericarditis, but not only them) are also among the most frequent complications or side effects of getting the COVID-19 disease, not vaccine! Therefore, we should assume that people who got them from the vaccine would have also got them from the disease! (Same thing for the eventual deaths, if that happened.)

I’m really sick of how NOBODY discusses the above hypotheses.

The ever-trendy Ivermectin is back!

At least, it trends again on Twitter, and here’s one of the reasons for that: 45 health NGOs establish World Council of Health for “factual and effective” advice on Covid-19 issues:

The newly founded World Council for Health was launched on September 22 and says it provides the latest unbiased scientific guidance so that individuals and frontline health professionals can make the best health decisions without being forced into a coercive narrative that does not allow for other interpretations as is the case today.

The World Council for Health is an umbrella coalition made up of 45 health-focused non-governmental organizations (NGOs) from around the world. They will provide what they say is honest medical leadership during the Covid health emergency and on many other health issues now and in the future.

Oh, La Résistance

And this “meta-NGO of non-biased negationists fighting for freedom” have a post (Posted on September 23, 2021, Updated on October 2, 2021) covering Early Covid-19 treatment guidelines: A practical approach to home-based care for healthy families. At some point in it, they include the following chart:

The quercetin is questionable, but I’ll never understand what made ivermectin so popular, and why has everybody stopped talking of hydroxychloroquine? One way or another, they’re all useless in the advanced, severe (phase 3) stage of the disease!

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