Reasonable, as in “the voice of reason”; because very few of the prominent Jewish voices are honest enough intellectually as to criticize the actions of the state of Israel in Gaza.

As the search feature of this site doesn’t search in the comments, I’ll hint to the fact that, from all my posts under the tag Israel, I only cited Norman Finkelstein in two comments to The Human Shield mantra about Gaza, as in Yanis and the “Zionism Über Alles” Germany, he was only mentioned en passant. To be honest, if Norman Finkelstein weren’t intellectually honest, then who else would? As I said, most Jews prefer to defend whatever Israel does. Bill Maher is one such disappointment. An honest and outspoken person of Jewish extraction is Jon Stewart, but one swallow does not make a spring. So you have to listen to Professor Finkelstein!

Here’s what you didn’t know you needed to know about Norm Finkelstein

TRT World: Palestine Talks | Norman Finkelstein (Apr. 19, 2024):

That was an easy introduction to him, and to reality. If I’m allowed to develop one tiny thing: should Biden lose and Trump win, this will happen in part because the leadership of the Democratic Party has indeed lost the connection to the grassroots and to the voter base, and they failed to take real action against Israel’s wrongdoings, e.g. by stopping the deliveries of weapons.

One step forward

Breaking Points: Norm Finkelstein SHREDS Bill Maher’s Israel Defense (Dec. 22, 2023)

Since I mentioned Bill Maher…

And the really tough one

PoliticsJOE: Norman Finkelstein on Israel Palestine (Apr. 26, 2024)

I couldn’t comment to the extent I’d like to, so I’ll leave the major points untouched. What I still want to add is this: beyond the danger posed by Russia to Europe (and possibly to the entire world if nukes are involved), and not counting China’s progress towards a global domination (economically) and its ambitions for a regional hegemony (militarily in the South China Sea, not only regarding Taiwan), and even considering the abject political and religious regime in Tehran, we now have to admit that Israel too is lunatic enough to have become a danger to civilization.

Throughout the centuries, Jews have been subject to countless pogroms. And then the Shoah. But that doesn’t give them the right to do what they’re doing in Gaza, in the West Bank, and, more generally, the ethnic cleansing they’re conducting in Palestine since they returned.

May the flying spaghetti monster help us!

2010 – 2014 – 2018


Recorded on April 19, 2023: Why Wokeness Is a Scam | Glenn Loury & Norman Finkelstein | The Glenn Show.

I won’t embed it here, as watching it on YT allows you to benefit from the official timestamps:

0:00 Has Norman been shut out of mainstream political debates?
7:54 Norman’s conflict with Alan Dershowitz
16:50 Is Israel an apartheid state?
19:25 Identifying with Paul Robeson
33:08 Norman’s new book, I’ll Burn That Bridge When I Get to It!
44:42 Norman: Wokeness is a “triple scam”
53:28 What’s become of Angela Davis?
1:00:05 Cornel West’s chosen path
1:09:01 Obama’s self-proclaimed “neat trick”
1:24:38 The political intelligence of Carter, Clinton, and Obama
1:38:10 South Carolina 2020: a case study in identity politics
1:47:24 Would Bernie have won in 2016?

Anyway, Glenn’s interview with Professor Finkelstein has 200k views, but if 3000 people in the U.S. know and understand ALL the people and topics discussed there, I’d be surprised. It’s very dense intellectually and information-wise, and not for the uneducated.

As for Obama, I didn’t know what I didn’t know about him. I’d never encountered such an informed rebuttal of Barrack “Fraud” Obama!

BTW, if relativity is understood (not acknowledged, but really understood) only by a handful of people, how about Dirac’s antimatter, and what about quantum mechanics per se, which can be used to explain, e.g., why semiconductors work, but understanding it is another matter altogether? Heck, Einstein himself failed to understand the “spooky action at a distance,” aka quantum entanglement!

Unfortunately, on the topic of wokeness, not enough has been said. There are so many aspects of today’s wokeness! The irony is that wokeness has been repeatedly ridiculed, for instance, by Bill Maher, but him being the staunch and uncompromising Jew… sigh.